Introducing The Contair® FLOW!

FEEL THE AIR PRESSURE 30 FEET AWAY! The newest member of The Air Movers family replaces the older mini storm air mover with FLOW, This carpet blower is sure to wow you with it's performance, weighing only less than 12 pounds this compact air mover outperforms units weighing and measuring twice as much! This unit is the future in the water damage restoration industry, now you can pack twice as many units in truck and daisy chain 5 units together on a single electrical outlet.

With a footprint of less than 1 sq. ft. this unit is super compact, perfect for confined spaces like closets, bathrooms and crawl spaces. Quiet and highly efficient you will barely notice that this is running making it great for residential and commercial uses.

Daisy chain up to 5 units together. Stack them for a sustained stream of air or distribute them over a wide area using their built in 15' cord. Each unit can be tilted ranging from 0/45/90 degrees to move air in almost any situation.

Weighing less than 12 lbs, this unit has a built-in easy grip handle with convenient cord wrap design for storage without the mess. Take them to the workshop, move them from project to project or use one around the house.

Energy efficient doesn't mean that this unit lacks power. Up to 800 CFM of air is moved by a reliable 1/5 horsepower motor for steady airflow.