What is LGR Commercial Dehumidifier?

Posted on by Shant Moughalian

We often get asked, what is a LGR Commercial Dehumidifier?

LGR commercial dehumidifier refers to Low Grain Dehumidifier that uses a low cooling system for faster condensation of air. With LGR, more condensation occurs, which making it an efficient product for removing excess moisture from the air. Although many commercial dehumidifiers will be labeled LGR, the label is commonly used for marketing purpose and not a guarantee of quality. The trend has been facilitated by restorers who want commercial dehumidifier products labeled LGR. An LGR product cannot be defined by the mere ability to pull more water than the conventional means.

Unlike the conventional dehumidifiers, LGR industrial dehumidifiers has an enhanced system that makes their performance unmatched. The mechanism involves pre-cooling of air steam. One of the notable features of this dehumidifier is its capability to continue eliminating moisture air up to 55 GPP. It removes more water and continues to dry to lower humidity. Given the mentioned efficient features of an LGR, you may be tempted to purchase a product simply because labeled LGR. 

How to identify a genuine LGR dehumidifier

Heat pipe and air-to-air heat exchange systems require extra space and more materials. Materials like as copper and aluminum are relatively expensive. The conventional dehumidifier systems do not have a pre-cooling system unlike with LGR products. The presence of the pre-cooling system in your machine will best tell whether it's a true LGR product or not. 

Genuine commercial grade LGR dehumidifiers  should be able to remove as many pints per day as the number of amps it consumes. You can tell a genuine LGR if there are more than ten amps of water in the bucket when it uses ten amps of electricity. If the LGR uses ten amps of power, but after 24 hours of dehumidification below 34GPP, you get about 5 pints of water, then it's not a genuine product or air mover.

Optimizing LGR industrial dehumidifier performance

A combination of LGR industrial dehumidifiers and air movers gives incredible results. You may be having a true LGR that performs poorly due to unclean dehumidifier coils. When used with air movers, it’s easy to regulate motion of wet and dry air. Efficiency is restricted when the dehumidifier and air mover is exposed to dust. The dirt restricts smooth flow of air through the coils by acting as an insulator between the coils and air. Do not rush to purchase any LGR industrial dehumidifier avoid performance frustrations. Seek technical help and feedback from reputable manufacturers of industrial dehumidifiers and industrial air movers products.