When it comes to moving, drying, circulating, heating and cooling air, our standard for quality products has always remained the same: efficient, dependable, reliable and competitive. The Air Movers aims to provide comfortable environments for our customers. We carry a selection of air movers, carpet dryers for the Restoration, Janitorial, Sanitation industry. At The Air Movers, we are committed to delivering exceptional products and services that meet the needs of our diverse customers. 

Why should you shop at TheAirMovers? What sets us apart from our competition? Two simple words. LOW OVERHEAD = LOW PRICES! Let's face it, everybody wants a bargain, Our ability to source products directly allows us the opportunity to pass huge savings to our customers even distributors envy. Our new state of the art warehouse is now located in Indiana, which gives our clients an advantage to have the products delivered within 2-3 day window within 48 contiguous states.

We also supply air movers in container quantity shipped directly to your door from the factory, for pricing and further details please contact sean@theairmovers.com.

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The Air Movers